Industrial section Schedule:


Miss Anne Speir, Burn Farm, DALRY 01294 832477

Mrs Claire Scott, Kaim Hill, Kaim Road, Lochwinnoch

Miss Anna Reid, 16 Heronswood, Kilwinning
01294 552494 Mobile 07966 438961

Mrs Nanette Blyth, Netherlee Crescent, Dalry
Mrs Rielle Cameron, Arran Road, Barassie
Ms. Amy Dorian, Mair Avenue, Dalry
Mrs Sheena Erskine, Eglinton Place, Kilwinning
Mrs Mary Gemmell, Giffordlandmill, Dalry
Mrs Seonaid Gourlay, Langmuir Ave.Perceton,Irvine
Mrs Nancy Johnstone, Elmbank, Templand Road, Dalry
Miss Margaret Lamont, Gray Street, Prestwick
Mrs Dee Logan, Glengarth Farm, Kilbirnie
Mrs Mary Matthew, Girthill Farm, Saltcoats
Mrs Susan Miller, Glenview, Weels Farm, Lochwinnoch
Mrs Anne Neilson, Castleview, Benzlie, Kilwinning
Mrs Isabel Parker, Gardeners Cottage, Corraith, Symington
Mrs Agnes Reid, Hacks of Auchenmade, Kilwinning
Miss Mary Reid, Parkhill Drive, Dalry
Mrs Jane Seaton, Knockewart Farm, Dalry
Mrs Janet Seaton, West Park Wynd, Dalry
Mrs Irene Steel, Achard, Blair Road, Kilwinning
Mrs Joanna Thomson, Highfield. Dalry

Mrs Anne Borthwick, Hemdrie Court, Galston.
Assisted by – Mrs Christine Taylor

Mrs Elizabeth Lawson, Fauldswood Drive, Paisley.
Assisted by –Mrs Margaret Jamieson

Mrs Janet McConnell, Ederline, Millar Street, Crieff.
Assisted by – Mrs Pamela McConnell

Entry Money (per exhibit entered): 20p for Adult Classes, 10p for Children’s Classes 

1. All exhibits must be staged by 10.30am and must not be removed before 3.30pm
All exhibits must be cleared of tent by 4.00pm.
2. Only one prize and points will be awarded to a competitor in any one class
3. No entry previously winning a prize at this show can be accepted.
4. Each entry must be accompanied by a sealed envelope containing name and address of competitor and bearing class number on the outside;
Envelopes should be attached in classes 24 to 30.
5. The Committee shall not be liable for loss or damage from accident or otherwise. Every precaution shall be taken to protect exhibits.
6. Doyleys will be provided for all exhibits in the Baking Section.
7. The Judges’ decision shall be final.
8. Prize Winners should arrange to collect their prize money in the Industrial Tent from 2.00pm onwards.


  Prizes—1st £1, 2nd 75p, 3rd 50p

1. Six Hen Eggs
2. Individual Sweet
3. Jar of Jam
4. Jar of Lemon Curd
5. Jar of Marmalade
6. 2 Slices of Homemade Meat Loaf
7. Ramekin of Paté
8. Jar of Chutney
9. Flask of Soup
10. Mocktail in a Glass

11. Table Centre with a Candle [any material]
12. Pot Plant [foliage]
13. Single Bloom

14. 3 Pancakes
15. 3 Plain Oven Scones
16. Lemon Drizzle Loaf –as per Given Recipe [see below]
17. Fruit Loaf
18. Wedge of Victoria Sponge [Jam & Butter Cream filled only]
19. 3 Custard Creams
20. 3 Pieces of Shortbread
21. 2 Pieces of Carrot Cake
22. 3 Pieces of Tray Bake [same Variety]
23. 3 Truffles

Knitting & Handcrafts
[No entry previously winning a prize at this show can be accepted].
24. Sewn Article
25. Knitted Article
26. Best Use of 100 grams of Wool
27. Favourite Mug
28. Cake Topper
29. New Arrival Card
30. Photograph with a caption

6 ozs Castor Sugar
4 ozs Margarine or Butter
2 Eggs
6 ozs Self-Raising Flour
Grated rind of 1 Lemon
4 Tablespoons Milk

Cream Margarine/Butter and Sugar, add eggs & Lemon rind beat well, add a little of the Flour if showing signs of curdling, fold in remainder of Flour & Milk then turn mixture into a greased and lined 2lb loaf tin.
Bake in oven at 350°F/176°C [Gas 4] for approx. 1 hour
Lemon Drizzle
2 ozs Icing Sugar
2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
Mix together & heat slightly then pour over loaf when warm from oven. Good Luck!